ZenCI is automation tool that helps you to deploy and test your software.

It works only with GitHub and inherits many UI& UX behaviours from GitHub to minimize adaptation period.

Setting up ZenCI

Setting up ZenCI require next steps:

  • Sign up with GitHub Account - it will give ZenCI permission to access GitHub on your behalf
  • Enable repository on ZenCI website - it will setup web hook for specified repository
  • upload .zenci.yml file to repository - it is deploy and test settings for repository


ZenCI inherit GitHub permissions.

Only users with admin permissions can enable repository.

If repository is private, it will be visible to users who has at least read permissions to this repository.


ZenCI does not store your code in any way. We use public_key to access deploy or test target via SSH and only then use git clone to download code.

For private repositories we use user's token to clone repository.

If you use our test boxes, please be aware that we deploy code on temporary created test box, run tests and then completely destroy test box. We never reuse the same test box twice.

If you need even more privacy, you can setup your own test box and configure .zenci.yml file to run tests on your own machine.